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Updated: Oct 14

What is Table Tipping?

Table tipping became extremely popular in Victorian times and it was known as a parlour game. After dinner, those in the house would sit around the table in candle light, and place their hands lightly upon the table. If the circumstances were right a spirit would draw close and using the energy of everyone in the room and blending it with their own energy, they moved the table.

Initially a code was settled upon whereby the spirit would move the table up and down once for yes and twice for no. When more direct communication was desired the alphabet would be recited and the spirit asked to move the table when they arrived at the letter that they wanted to use.

This communication is amazing to be a part of or to witness however it is tedious for all concerned.

Why use a Spirit Board?

Realising that table tipping offered only a long drawn out slow communication, a transition was made to using a Spirit Board. This gave the visiting spirits the scope to write exactly what they wished, often at speed.

Is the Spirit Board a Ouija Board?